The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) requires that all On-Premise License Applicants in New York City notify the corresponding Community Board at least thirty (30) days BEFORE filing an application with the SLA. This advanced notice is intended to give local residents an opportunity to participate in reviewing applications that may impact their daily quality of life.

All liquor license applications will be reviewed by our Licenses & Permits Committee. The committee issues recommendations which are then subject to ratification by our Full Board.

To facilitate this review, applicants are required to comply with the following procedures: CB11 Liquor License Application Review Procedures.

Steps in Liquor License Application Review Process

30-Day Notice
All Liquor License applicants must submit a 30-Day Advanced Notice Form to Community Board 11 via Certified Mail or via email to

Required Documentation
Upon receipt of the 30-Day Notice, CB11 will contact the applicant with instructions on next steps including the submission of required documentation as required to comply with the CB11 Liquor License Application Review Procedures.

NOTE: All application materials are considered to be entered into Public Record upon submission. If any elements of your application need to remain confidential for security reasons, please clearly indicate this in your submission email. However, any materials submitted to a New York City government office may be subject to public disclosure via FOIL request.

Committee Review
The Licenses & Permits Committee of CB11 will review the applicant’s questionnaire, proposed method of operation, and any comments sent to the Board office from the community.

Committee Meeting
If the applicant is required to appear before the committee, the Board office will inform them of the next meeting. Once they confirm their attendance, they will be added to that meeting’s agenda.

At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to walk the committee through their application and may be asked to agree to stipulations regarding the establishment’s hours or proposed method of operation.

All community board meetings are open to the public, per the NY State Open Meetings Law. District residents are notified of public reviews in advance of any meeting, and all impacted residents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and share concerns or requests before the Committee votes on a Recommendation.

Board Resolution
The Licenses & Permits Committee will then vote on a resolution to support or oppose the application.

The committees resolution is then presented for a vote at the next monthly Full Board meeting.

If a resolution passes a vote of the Full Board, it will be sent to the State Liquor Authority and the applicant.

Liquor License Laws in New York State

30-Day Notice Form – Local governments must be notified of all on-premises license applications in their neighborhoods at least 30 days before the application is submitted to the State Liquor Authority (SLA). The 30-day advance notice requirement is intended to provide local municipalities and community boards with an opportunity to make their views known to the SLA.

Closing Time – New York State Law allows businesses with a liquor license to sell alcohol for consumption on premises until 4 AM.

Method of Operation – License holders must specify their “Method of Operation” when applying for a liquor license. This includes use of music, dancing, promoters, and more.

200-Foot Rule – State Law prohibits certain licenses from being issued if the location of the establishment is on the same street and within 200 feet of a building that is used exclusively as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship.

500-Foot Rule – State Law contains restrictions on the approval of certain on-premises licenses if the location is within a 500-foot radius of certain other establishments with on-premises liquor licenses