Community Board 11 Manhattan

Land Use, Landmarks & Planning

The Land Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee works to ensure that all proposed development and rehabilitation projects, as well as planning efforts, are responsive to the needs of our community for quality affordable housing and local hiring, including utilizing local professional consultants, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. And further that these projects include quality of life improvements, green/sustainable and contextual design elements, and foster the creation and/or preservation of open space.

The committee is responsible for evaluating and coordinating recommendations for actions subject to public review including:

Zoning Map Changes; Disposition of City-owned property; Zoning Resolution Text Amendments; Designation of Urban Development Action Area (UDAA); Designation of Urban Development Action Area Projects (UDAAP); Minor Modifications to prior approved ULURP actions; Zoning Variances and/or Special Permits; Inclusionary Housing applications; 421-a Property Tax Exemption applications; and Certificates of Appropriateness.

For a detailed explanation of each please read our Land Use, Landmarks & Zoning Review Information Sheet.

ChairJason Villanueva

Vice Chair: Nilsa Orama

Staff Liaison: Angel Mescain

Presentation Requests:

Complete a Request for Committee Presentation Form and submit it to the staff liaison.

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